Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Artist Feature - April W.


 April enjoys coming to Imagine That!, because it lets her show off her originality as well as giving her a chance to develop her skills with blending colors, using different patterns, shapes, and techniques. The subject of April’s work reflects that of a impressionist painter, depicting scenes of everyday life matched with thick and expressive brush strokes. Some work even being based off of short stories of experiences she has had. April also continues to make strides as a musician, collaborating on song writing, acting as a lead vocalist on a solo track, and functioning as a back up vocalist on several projects.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Before all I had was my stereo...

Sean S. recently did an interview with our staff JJ about some of his favorite things: skateboards, graffiti and hip-hop. You can read about Sean's artist bio here and check out the interview below.

JJ: How did you get into making skateboard art?

Sean: I got inspired when I saw them at the skate shop!

JJ: What about the board designs that you saw at the skate shop inspired you?

Sean: The colors and the patterns.

JJ: All of the skateboards that you use to make art are donated by Escapist. How did that relationship form?

Sean: Ben used to work there, he lived with my staff. One day on a walk, my staff took me into the skate shop. I asked Ben, "Please can I have some broken decks, because I want to make skareboard designs, too.

JJ: Can you describe the artistic process of making your skateboard art?

Sean: I tape it off, because it makes me feel good inside. Then I spray paint it and wait twenty five minutes for it to dry. I take off the tape and repeat that process until I get the results I want.

JJ: People close to you know that you love hip-hop and it's culture. There are four basic elements to hip-hop: B-Boying, MC-ing, graffiti, and DJ-ing. How would you say those elements influence you as an artist?

Sean: In the mornings on the ride to the studio I listen to my iPod and look for graffiti out of the car window. Music is in my heart and in my head all of the time. I make beats, rap and play drums, too.

JJ: Who are some of the artists on your iPod?

Sean: Young Money, Chris Brown, Drake, 2 Chains, Tech 9, and LL Cool J.

JJ: If you could record a song with any artist, who would it be and why?

Sean:  Lil' Wayne, because his music is so hype!

JJ: How has becoming an artist at Imagine That! helped you in fulfilling your dreams as an artist?

Sean: It helps me make money in life and it helps me feel good inside; I can be myself. I get to use the music room to make music and record. I also get to use the studio with all of the art supplies...before all I had was my stereo.

JJ: We love having you at the studio and watching you grow as a person and as an artist. What would you like to accomplish in the next few months at the studio?

Sean: Make more beats and raps when I am not making skateboards.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today's TBT is of Lesley striking her best ballerina pose at the Kansas City ballet.